Orlando Computer and Laptop Disposal

Orlando is a beautiful city. As part of our community, you’d like to help keep it that way.

One way is through recycling. We all know about paper and plastic recycling, but what about the recycling of e-waste?

E-waste is all the old, unwanted electronic and computer equipment Orlando businesses dispose of every day. Whenever we purchase a new computer, laptop, printer, fax machine or photocopier for our office, warehouse or store, which means there’s an old machine that we need to dispose of.

But how?

The answer is to call Florida Business Recycling, Inc.

When it comes to the disposal of computer and laptop units and accessories, we are the Orlando experts!

First, we come to your Orlando location, at your convenience, and haul away all your unwanted laptops, computers, phone systems, office equipment, monitors, scanners, hard drives and more, in any condition – at NO CHARGE!

If it plugs into the wall, Florida Business Recycling, Inc. will take it off your hands.

Then we take these items to our warehouse for sorting and processing. If any of your equipment has residual value, we’ll make you a fair cash liquidation offer. You may decide to sell your items on consignment through us. The choice is yours.

Any computers, laptops and other electronics that have no resale value will be safely, responsibly recycled. These items contain precious yet toxic metals such as gold, silver and copper, so Florida Business Recycling, Inc. makes sure they don’t end up in landfills.

When you simply dispose of electronics by taking them to the dump or sticking them out on the sidewalk for garbage day, that is where these items will end up: seeping toxic poisons into the landfill and then into the surrounding air, water and soil.

However, when you partner with Florida Business Recycling, Inc. to dispose of your old computer equipment, it stays out of the landfill – PLUS we pay YOU for your unwanted viable items.

That’s a pretty good deal!

When will you need to call Florida Business Recycling, Inc.?

Let’s say your company has just merged with another and you now have duplicate computer and laptop equipment, along with surplus printers and other office electronics.

Or maybe you’ve just purchased new laptops, desktops, monitors, keyboards and other computer accessories for your employees. Obviously, those old used machines have to go somewhere!

If your Orlando company is moving or even going out of business, don’t get stuck wondering how to dispose of unwanted computer equipment quickly and easily.

Simply contact Florida Business Recycling, Inc. to arrange a convenient FREE pick up and talk to us about our liquidation services, too.

Plus you don’t have to worry about what will happen to all the sensitive data on your computer hard drives. Our expert team completely erases and destroys all the information on your laptop and other computer systems, at levels that match or even exceed the same standards used at the Department of Defense.

After all your confidential data has been disposed of, Florida Business Recycling, Inc. gives you an official certificate of destruction for your records. At no time during processing will your company’s private information ever be compromised.

When you partner with Florida Business Recycling, Inc. to dispose of your unwanted computer equipment and other electronics, you’re doing your part to keep Orlando beautiful and “green,” today and for future generations.

CONTACT Florida Business Recycling, Inc. to talk to our experts about your Orlando computer and laptop disposal questions and concerns, and to arrange a FREE pickup.

Call us today at 321-972-6633.