Orlando computer recycling is easy – unlike e-waste disposal in Australia

To celebrate Earth Day 2013, an Australian organization called TechCollect called upon Australians to set a world record in computer recycling.

The project is designed to “tackle the nation’s fastest growing waste problem.”

However, a commentator in The Australian argues that the country’s current computer disposal methods leave a lot to be desired.

David Frith pointed out that:

“Store rooms, garages, cupboards, bookshelves and wardrobes around the nation are bulging with disused computers, analog [televisions] mobile phones, old printers, toner cartridges, dial-up modems and hard disk drives that have long since passed their use-by date.

“About 16.8 million TVs, computers, printers and related accessories are disposed of each year in Australia.”

However, Frith adds, most Australians can’t be bothered with computer recycling because the country’s e-waste disposal process is so time consuming.

TechCollect is funded by the country’s tech companies. The money goes into the cost of environmentally friendly computer recycling.

“Some of this has been used to set up free drop-off sites to which people can cart their unwanted gear,” Frith notes. “The trouble is that they can be few and far between — and if you don’t own a car, you have no easy way of getting your unwanted gear to any of them.

TechCollect has only about 60 sites around Australia and getting to your nearest may involve more driving, or bussing, than you really want to do.”

The closest drop off sites to Frith’s home was 15km away but would require him to cross Sydney Harbor. It also wasn’t even open on weekends! The rest were too far to drive for anyone with a busy life, especially when the high cost of gas is factored in.

Frith suggests that Australia get the country’s regular garbage collectors to pick up e-waste as well, perhaps once a month.

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