Orlando electronics recycling news: Awards recognize leaders in computer recycling

In recognition of the growing importance computer recycling plays in the realm of recycling in general, the State Electronics Challenge has just announced its winners of this year’s awards.

The State Electronics Challenge is a national environmental stewardship program us a free program assists U.S. governments at various levels to reduce the environmental impact of their office equipment.

The awards recognize the progress that various partners and participants have playing in “the greening of the lifecycle of computer equipment” throughout the year.

According to Waste Recycling News:

“Through demonstrated leadership in green purchasing of electronics in 2012, energy and paper conservation, and responsible recycling of equipment at the end-of-life, 9 government entities—known as ‘Partners’—have earned recognition for their achievements,” Lynn Rubinstein, State Electronics Challenge Program Manager announced.  “We’re pleased to recognize Partners from coast to coast, including cities, counties, school districts and state agencies.”

The State Electronics Challenge encourages the recycling of office equipment – especially desktop and notebook computers, computer monitors, printers, copiers, and other peripherals.

Participating organizations can choose to buy “green” office equipment, using more efficient equipment, or reusing existing equipment as much as possible.

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