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Business Equipment Recycling: How to Sell Used Equipment in Orlando

If your company or organization wants to sell used equipment in Orlando area, then contact Florida Business Recycling!

Normally we associate recycling with paper and plastics, but at Florida Business Recycling, we specialize in business equipment recycling. Our team picks up your unwanted, obsolete items AT NO CHARGE to you.

Orlando Computer Recycling What We Buy

Orlando Computer Recycling What We Buy

As part of our business equipment recycling services, we accept electronics such as computers, peripherals, discs, phone systems, faxes and copiers, displays, monitors and much more:

• Computers: desktop, notebook, tablets and more
• Parts and accessories for all computer brands
• Flat panel displays and old monitors
• Conference call systems and other telephone equipment
• Servers, routers, switches
• Printers, scanners, fax machine, copiers
• Medical and laboratory equipment
• All makes and models of consumer electronics
• Photography equipment
• Audiovisual equipment
• Heavy machinery, tools, capital equipment and construction equipment
• And so much more!

As part of the Florida Business Recycling promise, we put some “green” in your wallet while helping you “go green” through our safe, efficient, responsible business equipment recycling methods.

Does your company need to get back extra office or storage space? Do you need to unload that old, unused equipment that is just collecting dust? Do you have excess inventory you have to dispose of due to bankruptcy or other circumstances?

Florida Business Recycling is the only one to call!

Remember: you can sell used equipment in Orlando for CASH when you partner with us.