Data Destruction

Orlando Data Destruction & Hard Drive Wiping


We live in the age of information. Your company’s private data isarguably your most valuabl
What if the data on your business’s hard drives fell into the wrong hands?e asset.

It’s something companies worry about when the time comes to replace and dispose of their used, obsolete computers and other electronics.

Good News: Florida Business Recycling are experts in Orlando drive wiping and data destruction on hard drives and similar devices.

Many kinds of modern appliances and office peripherals like faxes and photocopiers are also computerized. This means they too store possibly sensitive business data. Florida Business Recycling is able to destroy this data as well.

First, we come to your company’s location and AT NO CHARGE take your unwanted computers, data storage disks, peripherals and more to our state of the art recycling center.

At your request, Florida Business Recycling undertakes Orlando data destruction on all your equipment. Choose from four methods and levels of Orlando hard drive wiping.

Our data destruction methods are able to match or even exceed Defense Department standards.

This means that all your data, on all your equipment, is 100% erased before these items continue through the recycling process.

Identity thieves will never be able to access the private information on your old computers. We can even provide you with official certificates of destruction for your business records.

Florida Business Recycling guarantees security, confidentiality and complete Orlando data destruction.