Orlando data erasure and hard drive wiping: tips from MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a high-tech hotbed. Computers have been developed and used there for decades.

Yet even MIT has to remind its staff about best practices in terms of computer recycling and hard drive wiping.

In a memo recently posted at the MIT website, staff and students were reminded that “eWaste contains as many as 38 different toxic or hazardous substances, including lead, mercury, cadmium, PCBs and arsenic. When eWaste is not properly handled and recycled, these substances get into our groundwater, air and soil.

“The Institute is committed to responsibly recycling its eWaste — from larger equipment such as monitors, TVs, computers, copiers, fax machines and printers to smaller daily-use devices such as mobile phones, pagers, CDs and inkjet cartridges.”

MIT offers tips on computer recycling that every business can learn from.

For example, they stress the importance of removing all identifying tags and labels before computer recycling. MIT equipment has a seven-digit tag number; if you don’t know if your business labels its computers and electronics in a similar fashion, be sure to check before you contact a Orlando recycling company.

MIT also reminds employees that “it isn’t enough to reformat a hard drive or delete files using an ‘erase’ or ‘empty trash’ command. To wipe a hard drive, use software designed to overwrite each sector.”

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